All our honey is cold pressed raw triple filtered (2 x stainless steel (course and medium) and 1 x 300 micron nylon).

Nothing added, nothing removed. 

Sometimes Raw honey can crystalise (one way to know its truely raw honey and not processed) if it does this just pop it on your window still in the sun or in a pot of simmering water (or microwave but be super careful doing this), dont bring the honey over 40deg or you will dammage the flavour and all the good bits! I find in the sun on the window ledge works great for me. All the crystal will dissapear and your have lovely runny honey again. If you like the crystal, some people do, pop the honey in the fridge this will speed up the process. Very common in winter not so much in summer as its nice and warm.

Because our honey is raw natural honey, it does change every batch - colour, viscosity, tatse, it all depends on what the bees are harvesting from.

The cut comb honey does contain natural bees wax comb, so of course there is the odd bit of floating wax but that's the whole idea :) it will have 350-500g honey comb then topped up with honey to make the 1kg.

Have a shop and want to stock our honey? Do you run or own a restaurant and need bulk honey? We are happy to supply bulk honey also! Contact us for a price.

If you are a shop, we are also happy to list you on our pick up locations and offer you goods on conignsment or a cheaper rate for stocking our honey.